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Murray and Adylin Rosenblatt Endowed Lectures in Applied Mathematics

The Murray and Adylin Rosenblatt Endowed Lecture Series in Applied Mathematics features lectures by eminent scholars who use mathematics and statistics in areas of application. Inaugural lectures will be:

  • Professor Robert Engle, NYU
    "Dynamic Conditional Beta"
    Oct. 21, 5-6:15pm, Galbraith Hall 242
  • Professor Catherine Constable, SIO, UCSD
    "Earth's Magnetic Field: Random Reversals, Stochastic Models, and Physical Interpretations"
    Oct. 22, 1:45-3pm, York Hall 2722

Free registration required to attend. See Rosenblatt lecture series details.

Kiran Kedlaya - 2016 George Polya Award

The Mathematical Association of America (MAA) has awarded Professor Kiran Kedlaya and his coauthors, Gordon Hamilton and Henri Picciotto, the 2016 George Polya Award for their expository article "Square-Sum Pair Partitions" in the College Mathematics Journal.

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Math Grad Receives Academic Integrity Award

Math Ph.D. graduate student, Robert Snellman, has been awarded the inaugural Academic Integrity Instructional Assistant Award at the 6th annual Integrity Award Ceremony.

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Fall Advising/Presentation

Fall 2016 Math Advising Sessions & Presentations:

  • Monday 10/10/16 4-4:50pm in APM 6402
    • Major in Mathematics / Major in Mathematics-Applied Science
  • Monday 10/10/16 5-5:50pm in APM 6402
    • Major in Applied Mathematics
  • Monday 10/24/16 4-4:50pm in APM 6402
    • Course Planning
  • Monday 10/31/16 4-4:50pm in APM 6402
    • Joint Major in Mathematics and Economics
  • Monday 10/31/16 5-5:50pm in APM 6402
    • Graduate School in Mathematics
  • Monday 11/7/16 5-5:50pm in APM 6402
    • Cheiron International Presentation/Recruitment

SeminarsMORE ►

Friday  •  October 21, 2016

2:00pm  •  AP&M 5829

Colleen Robles
    Characterization of Gross's Calabi-Yau variations of Hodge

Algebraic Geometry Seminar

3:00pm  •  AP&M 7218

Qingtao Chen
    Recent development of Volume Conjecture of Kashaev, Reshetikhin-Turaev and Turaev-Viro invariants

Topology Seminar

4:00pm  •  AP&M 6402

Xiudi Tang
    Volume forms and Moser stability

Symplectic Geometry Seminar

5:00pm  •  GH 242 (Galbraith Hall Auditorium)

Robert Engle
    Dynamic Conditional Beta

The Murray and Adylin Rosenblatt Endowed Lectures in Applied Mathematics

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Bo Li

Numerical PDE / Scientific Computation

Scientific Computation, Continuum Mechanics

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